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Whitemoney Reacts After Suffering Heartbreak From Queen

I had no idea before last night that the almighty Mazi, also known as Whitemoney, would be strewn about like a pack of cards over a woman. Last night, we saw Whitemoney experience a horrific and agonizing heartbreak at the hands of Queen. It's unthinkable that Whitemoney could have a heartbreak because of a lady just as it was witnessed last night.

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People have been wondering since the beginning of the show if Whitemoney had a tendency to fall in love easily, and what would happen if a woman who can sweep him off his feet came into the house. With Queen's entrance of the Big Brother House, it finally occurred.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

Whitemoney was completely unsettled by Ebuka's double triggered questions after last night's elimination show; he couldn't recall what he said because he merely provided Cross advice. So, in the HOH lounge, he was pouring out his heart to Queen, and Queen took advantage of the occasion to air her grievances against Whitemoney. Queen was essentially whining about how Whitemoney makes her feel horrible while counseling her, and she made a statement that was quite touching.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

Whitemoney became lost in thought at one point and began talking to himself. At first, I assumed Whitemoney's head had been screwed up by Ebuka's inquiry, until I observed him releasing his emotions to Queen and the talk lasted about thirty minutes.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

During their conversation, Queen expressed her dissatisfaction with Whitemoney's treatment of her because she believed Whitemoney was given more credit to Jackie B than she was over their settlement, and out of annoyance or the need to be petty in order to smear Whitemoney's ego, she actually stated that she never intended to date anyone in the Big Brother House, but to only sleep with Whitemoney and Cross. Obviously, Queen's words triggered Whitemoney and messed with his psyche, and as a result, Whitemoney continued to bemoan the situation.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

Nonetheless, Whitemoney was puzzled as to why, after lavishing him with attention and giving him the green light, when Queen came into the Big Brother House, but only to tell him she only wanted to sleep with him and Cross. This statement by Queen had a profound impact on Whitemoney, and it felt like a direct affront to his ego.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

Queen did apologize to Whitemoney for what she had done and said, but Whitemoney insisted on never trusting her again. They were afterwards seen snuggling and sleeping together in the HOH lounge on the bed.

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