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See The First Human To Get An Intersex Birth Certificate From Australian Government

See The First Man To Get An Intersex Birth Certificate From Australian Government

The world is gradually changing, many unpredictable things and many predicted are coming to pass. After about four (4) years of battling with the intersex law in Australia, the country has finally issued its first intersex birth certificate to one of her citizens.

The intersex birth certificate was issued yesterday, Thursday the 16th of July 2020, many countries, especially European countries have also been issuing gender certificates other the popular male and female.

Also, some countries have started including other options of gender in their forms, other than the male and female gender options.

The word hermaphrodite was previously used to address people who are unisex, it was however abolished because it sounded stigmatizing and non-fitting to use for a human being. It is best used to describe animals and other non-living things.

The first man in Australia shared his joy on his social media post, Alex Juergen who posted his picture with a write up stated that he was glad that the country had finally accepted his kind in their law and given them their own respect as deserved.

Alex Juergen stated that he started the chase for the acceptance of his identity and his kind in the year 2016, but it has come to light after many court cases and the country finally accepts and acknowledged he and his kinds, in the official documents and in the entire society.

On his social media post, and in an interview with Thomson Reuters Foundation, he expressed his happiness, revealed his age as 43-years-old.

Speaking with the Thomson Reuters Foundation On his social media accounts, he said;

"I am very happy that the law and the government have finally recognized this," Juergen, 43, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation from Steyr, some 160km west of the capital Vienna.

"Many people don't accept that there can be something else," said Juergen, who does not identify as either male or female.

Germany, Pakistan, Nepal and a growing number of states in the United States of America have begun the adoption of the third option, in their forms, official documents and many other places that requires the identification of gender.

The United Nations in her last statistics estimated that about 1.7% of people are intersex, but they do not know early as the condition is often not immediately.

Do we refer to to Alex as a he, she or what?

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