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Top 15 Netflix Originals 2021 Tv Shows

1. Bling Empire

This is an intriguing show because it depicts the realities of LA's upper crust. The cast is made up of ultra-wealthy Asian Americans, and the show covers their daily lives. Bling Empire is all about that materialistic existence, from flying in private jets to eating three-course dinners and shopping at high-end boutiques. It's a good show to watch if you need a break every now and then.

2. Cobra-Kai

This new series, which is focused on a martial arts school, is a pleasant break from the gore. The comedy-drama has been doing well on Netflix for a few years, so fans are looking forward to the third season in 2021. You must see Cobra Kai if you haven't already.

3. Fate: The Winx Saga

The Winx Club was a Nickelodeon animated series about a group of teen females who attend the same wizarding school. By night, these ladies battled monsters, while by day, they learned to control their abilities. Netflix's version of Fate: The Winx Saga is fantastic, and it does the original show credit.

4. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a serial killer

Night Stalker is a documentary that follows the investigation into the arrests of serial killer and kidnapper Richard Ramirez, who plagued California in the 1980s. The episode is narrated from the perspective of the detectives working the case, with some victim accounts thrown in for good measure.

5. Pretend It’s a City

 In Pretend It's a City, Fran Lebowitz plays our host. This show is a New York roast. Fran attempts to portray New York in a hilarious light by chatting with Martin Scorsese. For a frank and rare critique of the city, all the unpleasant and boorish elements are left exposed.

6. Murder Among The Mormons

Murder Among the Mormons is a film about the illegal trade in rare Mormon texts. It features a murder mystery, bombs, and is based on a true story. The film examines the 1985 tragedy that brought the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City to its knees.

7. The Serpent

The Serpent is another account of a criminal's life, following Charles Sohbraj as he travels around Asia committing murder and fraud. Sohbraj is currently incarcerated in a Nepalese prison, where he is anticipated to stay for the foreseeable future.

8. Last Chance U: Basketball

There's Still Time The letter U has turned into a cultural phenomenon. Every new season has an impact on us. This season is about East Los Angeles College basketball players. The show's honest emotion is powerful enough to melt anyone's heart. For sports aficionados, this is a must-see.

9. Shadow and Bone

A new Netflix fantasy series based on the Shadow and Bone novels does a surprising decent job of honoring the original books. For newbies to the franchise, the series may be a little too complicated, but the learning curve is well worth it.

10. Sons of Sam

This is a documentary that is based on a fictional show. Sons of Sam is a warped take on the true crime genre that follows the story of a journalist named Maury Terry as he investigates the Sons of Sam killings. The journalist believed the murderer was a member of a wider cult with a slew of collaborators, but none of this could be proven.

11. High on the hog

Stephen Satterfield, food writer and host of High On The Hog, is coming to take us on a fantastical adventure. This is a trip about food, the people who make it, and the people who consume it. We go to other nations and civilizations to sample diverse cuisines and delicacies.

12. Sweet Tooth

The film, which was produced by Robert Downey Jr. and is based on Jeff Lemire's novel of the same name, takes set in a post-apocalyptic world where "the sick" have killed practically everyone. The children born are chimaeras, and things start to go odd from there.

13. Lupin

Assane Diop, like the original Lupin, is a gentleman thief. The episode follows Diop as he attempts to expose a horrible villain posing as a philanthropist through a series of heists. All of this is done in order to clear his father's name. I'm not going to lie, this series was a pleasant surprise.

14. Heist

The film Heist is a retelling of the three most famous heists in American history. The series is set all across the country, including Begas, and features all of the hedonistic stereotypes you can imagine. The most intriguing aspect of the series is that it is narrated by the same persons who carried out the heists.

15. Clickbait

Probably one of the best Netflix original series in recent years. The kidnapping and murder of Nick Brewer is the subject of Clickbait. There are more twists and turns in this novel than in a theme park maze. The story is masterfully told from the perspective of all family members. Nobody can foresee where the concert will go because there are so many surprises throughout it. This is a must-see for everyone.

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