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7 Secret about Men Every Lady Should Know Before Marriage

Before you succeed in whatsoever you are doing in life, you need to know the secret of that thing. The reason why many people go into marriage and fail at the long run is simply because of their inability to know the secrets of handling men. In any successful home, both parties have a role to plan and have not relented in that. Sometimes I look at women who say that their men changed after marriage unknown to them that it was because of their failure to study their life partners and also know the secrets behind his smile.

This article goes to all ladies who wish to get married someday in life and also those who are married but are confused if they are. Most of you might not understand but the truth is that they are women who are married but are living like bachelors. Some of them even experience more pain and sadness than hose helps in our society. This article will make you know if you are the cause of not. All you have to do is to give me a little of your time, the article is a little bit lengthy but informative. If you have anything that you are doing that won’t allow you as a lady to read this article line by line, please leave it and read this with all your mind. I assure you that you will not regret reading this.

Below are some 7 secret of a man that every lady should know before marriage:

No man is perfect: when it comes to marriage no man on earth is perfect and likewise a woman, I will give you an example. If you see a man that is very romantic, he might have an anger problem. If you see a man that is always giving you money, he might not be funny at all and always serious. If you see a man that is both romantic and funny, he might not have the fear of God and so on. And I will always advice ladies, if you are looking for a man with all the good characters on earth you might remain single forever.

Some guys can be very romantic, caring and loving, but will have the problem of looking at other women. I have seen ladies saying that I will love a man who knows how to dress but my sister, are you ready for the problem. To be frank with you most men who dresses very well are womanizers. If you don’t know this secret you might ruin your home. No man is perfect so accept your man the way he is if you want your marriage to last the test of time.

 Every man can be managed: sometimes I look at women who say that they can’t manage or control their men but the truth is that every man can be managed and controlled. The reason why many women can’t control their men is because of the approach. Like I said no man is perfect but all men can be managed. The reason why you are his wife is to manage him the way he is. Let be let this out here, shouting can never calm a man. Even if he comes late at night that does not mean you should shout because it will worsen the whole situation. I know it is really hard not to but there are other ways you can approach him. Make him know that you are not happy with his late night coming but not with a shout. It can be another day, when he is having some good time with you, just let it out with a pitiful voice and I assure you that he will try his best not to do that again.

Every man hates pride: this is one of the major reasons why I said that as a lady you should never shout on your man no matter what he does. This makes him feel like you are trying to rule and control him. Remember I said that men can be controlled but with wisdom. If you want a successful home, always make your man feel like the head even if you are more educated, beautiful and also richer that him. Make him feel unique and like the head of the family and you will see that he will always adhere to your advice. Humility pays in marriage, you can ask around. The only way you can control a man is true advice. As a lady, when you give your man an advice and he goes against it don’t shout and you will see that after he sees the disadvantages he will tell you. And after he has, you will see that next time he will listen to your advice.

Every man has a soft point: ladies should now that every man has a soft point no matter how harsh he looks or behaves. He might be an army or in any other force but once you know his soft point you can always get him. Let me give you one soft point of men, crying without shouting is a way to touch the soft point of many men. Men don’t like seeing tears but when you are crying and also shouting it makes him angry. Once he gets offended and shouts at you, just tell him sorry and start crying silently. Let him see your tears and I tell you, he will tell you that he never meant to.

Every man hates something: no matter how he can pretend the truth is that every man hates something and one of that is disobedience. When a man gives an instruction and you keep on violating it. That weakens his love for you and also makes him see you as a disobedient person. This is not the only thing men hate, but the others differ depending on the guy. But to be frank with you, all men hate disobedience.

Men Love Surprise: yes, men are not as emotional as ladies but they also love surprises. Sometimes, surprise your man and you will see the way he is going to love you. When you surprise him, he might not shout or scream but that will stick to his heart and he will find a way to make it up to you.

Garbage in Garbage out: this is the last but most powerful secretly that I will be sharing with you guys. Men are like computer, what you input in him is what he will give back to you and that’s why I always tell women to stop nagging. You might be nagging and he will be quiet for long but the moment it full’s in him and he decides to bring it out, you might not like the outcome. Give him love and you will see love. Respect him and he will respect you. Care for him and he will care for you. I rest my case. Have a happy home.

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