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Why Nigerian top musicians can never be richer than American top musicians

Music is something that can alter your mood, it can make you happy, sad, subdue one's anger, it can also you one encouragement to forge ahead in difficulty, music can change one's state of mind.

Both the American and Nigerian musicians are really perfect, working so hard to give their fans the best of music.

I have taken my time to study both American musicians and Nigerian musicians and noticed that Nigerian musicians can never be richer than American if they continue in this way.

Nigerian musicians channel all their energy only on music.

Nigerian musicians just focus on their music career without having any other sources of income. Apart from signing endorsement deals and music, they do not have any other sources of income.

Most American musicians do not have only one source of income. They go ahead to open their own business brand to add more money to their account knowing fully well that their hard_die fans are ready to buy whatever they product not minding the cost of the product and how ugly the product looks.

Let's take a look at Rihanna that launch her fenty brand which turned her into the richest female musicians in the world and Kanye west that also launched his Yeezy brand made made him a billionaire now.

Let's also look at Beyonce and her husband Jay_Z, this couple are doing excellently well in music industry, they didn't stop there, they launched their business brand which made them more richer than they should have been if they only focus on music. Beyonce owns her own clothing brand, Same as her husband.

These American musicians took the advantage of the how famous that have become and started different fantastic businesses which made them to become very rich.

Nigerian musicians should also follow this step because their fan are ready to make their products sold out within few days making them richer than they are now.

Nigerian musicians fails to understand that "No matter how well your music sells it can never a billionaire."

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