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Opinion: Selena Gomez - Her New Swimsuit Photos Just Revealed 2 Major Virtues About Her Personality

On a personal level, the past few years have been quite difficult for American female singer Selena Gomez. Notably, first, she had to deal with the incoherent love relationship with former boyfriend Justin Bieber, which ultimately ended in both of them going their separate ways. And, then, she had to undergo a surgical operation for a kidney transplant to live a healthier lifestyle. But, through it all, it's a great thing that she is fully back in one piece and doing good as a creative brand. For what it's worth, she hinted recently that she could be taking a short laid-back break from music, to focus on other creative exploits particularly as a fashion brand, and also to strengthen her acting skills.

And, talking about Selena Gomez's quest to explore her qualities as a fashion brand, she has just made a unique collaboration with foremost style brand La'Mariette to produce her exciting swimsuit collection. Interestingly, seeing the photos of Selena Gomez slaying in the trendy swimsuit, the trend has somewhat just revealed some 2 major attributes about her personality.

Judging from the photos I've seen so far, I can confidently say that Selena Gomez slays well in a swimsuit. Ordinarily, she is pretty, but flaunting in a trendy swimsuit seems to have further enhanced her beauty. More so, her collaboration with La'Mariette to produce her swimsuit collection appears to have come at the right time for her brand. And, her exciting swimsuit photos seem to have just revealed two (2) major attributes about her current personality, as outlined below:

* She's Embracing Her Body Flaws:

* Selena Gomez flaunting her beauty in the newly created swimsuit

Before now, the 28-year-old singer Selena Gomez had been relatively shy to regularly slay her fit body in lingerie or bikini costume. For her, sometimes there is that little worry about online trolls, and she just wasn't ready to face such negative vibes. However, she seemed to have undergone some good therapy & counseling, and now she is so 'fired up' to flaunt her cute body with many positive feelings. And, since she's been back from therapy, her first major routine has been the latest collaboration with La'Mariette to show off her pretty looks in a trendy swimsuit.

Strongly, Selena flaunting in the trendy swimsuit has probably just shown that she is already embracing whatever body flaws she might have, and she is simply feeling positive about her body.

* She Can Excel As A Glamour Model:

Aside from the fact that Selena Gomez is a talented female singer, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if she also ventures into fashion modeling. For what it's worth, her latest flaunting in a swimsuit has probably proven that she can also slay good as a glamour model. And, since she had already hinted that she was taking a short break from music, I think maybe now is a good time for her to explore her option as a glamour chic. Interestingly, for a pretty lady like her, with such a cute petite body, it is only appropriate that she maximizes her potential as a fashion brand.

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