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"If you are only focused on the 90 million and not in the future, you have failed already." - Cross

The current season of Big Brother Naija has had so many highlights from different discussions that the 26 housemates has had since the reality show started.

On Friday evening, Cross, White Money and Pere were in a conversation. Cross complained that he does not understand Angel anymore because one moment she's happy, then the next moment, she's quiet and looks sad.

White Money responded that Angel is actually a closed person, and that the real Angel is very different from the Angel that is known by the housemates.

Pere replied, "I agree with White Money, this is a game and she's playing her game."

Cross responded, "well, I don't like her game but it has gotten her to the final, so she's smart."

White Money answered, "the Angel outside this house is very different from the Angel we know. In the outside world, she's quiet and an introvert. She has very few friends and does not really associate with people so much. So, for her to be playful here is a total switch of character for the game."

Cross replied, "well I agree with you because when she finally told me a bit of her story, I began to understand her more, she's really calculative and smart, she's playing her own game to win the 90 million but if you are only focused on the 90 million and not in the future, you have failed already. I have seen people spend more than that amount within a week. Time passes, by this time next year the world would have moved on, no body will care about you, they will be focused on the next year's housemates."

Pere responded, "yes, I think you have to have a solid bond with people, especially other housemates because there are bigger things to one than that 90 million."

Cross answered, "well, I don't want her playing with my head, because that's what she did with Sammie and Yousef."

White Money responded, "Sammie's case was worst, I think Yousef came here to find love but that's not for Angel, not because she's not a good person but because she is afraid of falling in love. She is a closed person, I can recall when she said it took her about two months after her ex boyfriend's death for her to tell her own friends. This kind of person, just be loving her, she will open up to you with time."

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