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Ever Seen A Nigerian First Lady Sporting A Baby Bump? See Throwback Photos Of Maryam Babangida

Pregnancy is a unique experience which women go through in order to bring forth offsprings. Pregnancy is something that cannot be hidden. Thus, it is quite baffling to see some pregnant women drawing undue attention to their baby bumps by exposing sensitive parts of their bodies which is specifically meant to be private. One wonders what happened to decent dressing?

The former First Lady Mrs. Mariam Babangida was just spot on in her outfit while sporting a baby bump. It is quite a rare sight to see Presidential First Ladies sporting baby bumps, as most times it is either they are done with child bearing, owing largely to their respective older ages on assumption of office, or they simply choose not to be in public view during their period of pregnancy.

The Late Maryam Babangida, stylishly and decently sporting a baby bump on an official visit with her husband General Ibrahim Babangida to the United Kingdom in 1989.

This spectacular sight was interestingly captured when General Ibrahim Babangida embarked on a State Visit to the United Kingdom alongside his beautiful wife Maryam in 1989, sporting a baby bump. That baby happens to be her last child; Halima Babangida, who was a presidential baby. Her decent apparel subtly revealed the baby bump. The radiant looking First Lady with her radiant smiles, simply exemplifies the essence of beauty in decency.

The First Lady of Style, Poise and Panache

However, It has become a norm in our days for pregnant women to show off their baby bumps especially in an indecent manner. The flagrant display of baby bumps often done with disregard for public sensitivity, leaves behind a lot of nagging questions. 

What happened to the good old days, when most people would have considered it a taboo to expose one's body? Why screaming for undue attention by Oftentimes, women who do this, do it for the fun of it, or simply because they want to join the bandwagons. Some engage in these indecent display to gain admiration or envy as the case may be.

What are your thoughts about indecent exposures all in the name of showing baby bump? Kindly share your thoughts via the comment box.

Content created and supplied by: Trishphil (via Opera News )

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