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Why Mr. Macaroni's Career Could Be Heading Into Oblivion

The entertainment world is very wide and competitive. One can 'blow' as in become great but maintaining that greatness is a great deal. That is when creativity comes to play, that is an entertainer biggest fear and this is worrisome and if not well thought about, the entertainer could fall from grace to grass. I do solemnly pray none of our entertainers will experience this but it's a bitter truth we can't shy away from that many entertainers have come some have been able to 'maintain' fame and some have gone away like ashes blown to the wind.

This article is a constructive criticism, solely directed to Mr. Macaroni. The comedian is unarguably one of the best online comedian in Nigeria at the moment, sitting alongside him are ; Taoma, Mc Lively, Broda Shaggi, Twyse, Ladies Elenu, and others, so numerous to mention but Mr. Macaroni is becoming too stereotype.

His content always has to do with cases of infidelity which always ends in tears, while you may want to say that Taoma content also deals with 'Nigerian Mothers and Slap', you will agree with me that Taoma plays the role of like 5 different characters which is unique and make her not to be categorized as a stereotype comedian.

Let's go back in time; Mc Lively started with answering street interview questions, people love him but there came a time when he noticed that all of his videos is all about a jobless and angry Nigerian youth, he switched and became more creative. Check his contents now, he has add a lot of creativity.

When Broda Shaggi started, so many will think that who is Broda Shaggi without Aunty Shaggi, but now, look at his contents now, he even went as far as adding Driving school comedy. Had he maintained what made him famous, would he still be here ruling? I doubt!

Lasisi Elenu started as a the angry guy always calling Broda Segun. Look at him now, he has moved from that. He now has Mama Lasisi, Lasisi, Sinzu Money and all. Does this ring a bell?

Mr. Macaroni, I love you and want the best for you, but I think this is the time you have to add more 'Creativity' to your contents and shift, I didn't say 'leave', no 'shift' from the man who is always cheating on 'Mummy Wa'. I wish you the best. 

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