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Pray to God for long life, these pictures will inspire you to pray for long life

Long life is a very rare gift that not everyone always get. Getting to the point of old age is not something that is granted to everyone.

We now have people die at birth, some people die while growing up as toddlers, more unfortunately,some people die at an early age where they were supposed to start life. Sometimes, you just have to appreciate God for protecting you to this point of your life.

You have done some things and came out alive, others have not even started yet and they died. you have gone on several dangerous journeys and came back safely, some people died accidental deaths right inside their homes.

Not everyone really appreciate that grace of opening the eyes and waking up to the world alive. The same sickness you took paracetamol for and it left you alone, some people have spent millions on it and they still ended up being killed by that sickness.

God has been faithful to you, and you must appreciate him for it. In case you feel he does not deserve your appreciation, check these pictures below perhaps you will change your mind.

These guys took pictures at their younger age and they all were still kept alive to retake the same picture some years later.

Pray to God for long life now.

Thank you for reading.

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