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Laugh out loud with these funny jokes

1. A famous prostitute died, people were confuse as to what should be written on her grave, finally, on the advise of an old man, they wrote, At last she slept alone.

2. Abeg who told girls that after bathing the remaining water should be use for washing Pants.

3. Ladies will dump a guy for cheating and start dating a guy who was dumped for cheating. isn't God wonderful.

4. Boss lady! Boss lady! But the hand of your bra will be like danfo seat belt. Na joke oo.

5. Once a girl posts "I'm feeling cold" you will see some guys behaving as if they are microwaves.

6. Imagine at your Friend's Funeral you received a text from him saying thank you for coming what will you do?

7. I stopped taking girls out for lunch the moment I discovered that one girl saved my number with free food.

8. If you break up with some one please break up completely, getting back together make us who spread rumors look like liars.

9. I want a lady who can die for me and I promise I will faint on her burial.

10. My proposal to my girlfriend will be very simple and stress free. I will take her on a boat, ride to the middle of the sea and be like Linda marry me or leave my boat.

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