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Recent Photos of the Little Girl, Who Acted as Blessing in "The Johnson's Series"

Every Nollywood Lover, should have watched this top enjoyed Movie Series titled "The Johnsons". This Nollywood Series is no doubt, a splendid and comic Nigerian TV series which was produced by Rogers Ofime which airs on Africa Magic.

The movie focuses on an average Nigerian family in Lagos, also taught us on most Nigeria and the challenges they face in their families. This movie was no doubt an interesting and educating one, mostly enjoyed by families.

So in this Article, we will be discussing on the little beautiful damsel, who starred as Blessing Johnson in the series movie. The little Blessing who was part of the movie in 2012, have really changed over the years. Many who have watched this movie will surely testify to her fast growth and change.

This little girl is no doubt a talented teenage actress who has done a good work on screen during her roles in the movie " The Johnsons". She is indeed a born actress, love also by people who her good display on screen.

The adorable little girl in the movie, who starred as Blessing Johnson, is indentified with the real name as Susan Laraba Pwajok. This lady had no doubt, gotten a lot of changes, which proves money is really good.

The Beautiful Looking Susan Laraba Pwajok, is a talented Nigerian Born Actress, Also a Creative and well known Model, Instagram Influencer. Susan, Started her acting career at early age and have starred in movies, before she acted the movie "The Johnson". After she starred in the movie, she rose more to fame.

She is currently having 313 thousand followers in her instagram page, this proves how much she is known and loved by people.

According to some research that i made, it stated that the beautiful susan was born in 2003 which she should be 18-years-old this year 2021, now checking it backwards, she was 10-years-old when she was featured in Johnson's family series, you can see how much she has changed below.

Susan Pwajok to me, is an epitome of beauty and a hardworking teenager who may one day take the lead in the Movie Industry if she keep doing good on screen.

So what do you have to say about Susan Pwajok?

Did you enjoy her actings on screen?

Is her fast growth and change a surprise to you?

Comment section is open for your opinion.

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