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Different marriages come with different fights

The same fight that will breakup marriage A

Will be just another simple fight in marriage B.

It may not even be a fight in marriage C.

Marriage D may use it to trigger positive change as marriage E uses it to consolidate on the change.

Marriage F may use it as a chance to talk

While marriage G will talk and listen.

Marriage H talks, listens and acts.

With marriage I, talk is not enough, listening is not enough and acting is too vague. The matter must end with amazing head bursting, mind blowing, cloud reaching and mountain conquering wet sex.

Marriage J inverts the process and begins with sex.

Marriage K may not be bothered about the meaning or implication of the fight.

Marriage L may make it a war front that will neither be dropped nor end, a sitcom for neighbors.

Marriage M may not be satisfied with just the war and recruit mercenaries from the extended family.

Marriage N is on social media with it; one party posting subs, the other asking on groups and pages.

Marriage O holds it in and chooses not to involve anyone till it implodes.

Marriage P may see it as a reason to "explore and import" and Marriage Q chooses to become strangers in the same home.

As for marriage R, it's evil people, enemies and the devil. They bind and bind and bind away, ignoring the real issue at hand.

Marriage S will recruit the children and use them to score points.

Marriage T may choose to abstain from food and sex.

Marriage U will keep dodging with work and distance.

Marriage V may embrace violence.

Marriage W may enter silent mode.

Marriage X may listen to marriage A and implement the right approach as marriage Y listens to marriage C and implements the wrong approach.

Marriage Z may just decide to look around, learn from things seen and heard while understanding that what's learnt needs to be adapted to its uniqueness.

The same fight, different marriages.

Understand that you are in control of what decisions you make in your marriage and just because a situation led to one end with one or many you know, heard or saw, it doesn't need to be the same with you.

You own your marriage, make the best out of it, let that best be defined by what you want not what you see others get.

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