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"I wonder how Mr. President is coping with running Nigeria"-Actress Belinda Effah says.

We might not understand how hard it is to lead, until we found ourselves in such a position, this actress Belinda Effah has found out.

Many actresses apart from acting has a business they run, actress Belinda Effah is one of such actress, she recently made a post on her Instagram wall with a picture of her.

The actress said in the caption that running a successful business is not for the faint-hearted, she also said that human management is something else and went on to say that she wonders how Mr. President runs the country without running mad.

In her words "I can tell you for sure, running a business successfully is not for the faint-hearted.

Human management is something else, against all odds we still smile and thank God.

It makes me wonder how Mr. President is coping with running Nigeria without running mad".Her fans commented and one of her fans toldher that they understand.

The truth is you might not understand until you are in that same position.

Truly, being a leader is not an easy journey.

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