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Don't give your babies these names! Some have demonic meanings.

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Parents most times,love fancy names.sometimes out of their busy schedule they forget to research the meaning of the names they give to thier kids.The name we give to our kids matter a lot,because they will be known for that name all lifelong.some may exhibit the attributes of that name given to them. Imagine your child being called sorrow.Our children depend on us,to make the right decisions for them due to their inability I have compiled a list of names you shouldn't give to your child. These are the names

Lucia- This name means light bearer.It is the female version of lucifer

Duncan-This means Dark warrior

Linda- This name means know what serpent represents.

Layla/leila-This means Dark beauty

Danerys- A lot of parents named their kids Danerys,when they thought the character was a heroine in Game of Thrones.They will be regretting it now.

Lynda- This means serpent/snake.

Leonard-Known in Germany as Urian, skilled in Black Magic and Sorcery.

Adrian-This means Dark

kali- This is the warrior goddess of destruction (India)

pele- This is the warrior goddess of destruction (Haiwai)

bela- This means Destruction

selene-This is the mother of all vampires

Cecilia-This Latin name seems beautiful,but it is not.It means "blind".

Claudia-This means "lame" or "disabled".

Emily-Emily is an English version of the Latin Aemilila, which comes from the word for "rival".

Kennedy-This is a unisex name of Celtic and Gaelic origin, and is often a surname too .This means"deformed head".

Leah-The name Leah actually has many different meanings in many languages, but in American or Hebrew-speaking families this name means "tired or weary".

Molly-Molly means "bitter".

Portia-Sorry to say,but this means pig.

Lilith-It's so close to the pretty flower name Lily, that we wouldn't have thought Lilith would be anything but lovely and pretty. But it turns out that this Hebrew name means "night monster" or "ghost".

Byron-This is derived from Old English "byre", which means "cowshed".

Calvin- Derived from the French "chauve", meaning "bald"... Don't tempt fate!

Cameron- this Scottish name means "crooked nose".

Campbell -Another Scottish name, it means "crooked mouth".

Lola-This means "lady of sorrows". Oh dear!

Mara-This name means "bitter" or "sorrow" in Hebrew, and is also a Hindu goddess of destruction, Mara does mean "sea" in Gaelic.

Doyle-This Irish name translates to "dark stranger".

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