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"I Don't Believe A Lot Of Nigerian Men Even Make Good Lifetime Partners" - Lady Says

In life, once an individual is said to become an adult, he or she has the liberty to determine, what kind of future they intend to live, with whomever they believe is suitable for them. Oh yes, It is fantastic to set goals and priorities for oneself on how things should fall in place when it comes to having a long-lasting relationship. But whereby such set goals or priority is now at the detriment of another, or beyond human comprehension, then it has gone way out of line, true or false?

I came across this post on one of the popular social media blogs, 'thetattleroomng' and I thought I should share it with you guys for more interaction on the issue been raised by a Nigerian lady. According to her, she does not believe a lot of Nigerian men are fit to make a good lifetime partner for a reason she says, "especially when I try to select for criteria important to me'. Then she goes on to say men only bring little to the table, which she does has already, as she talked concerning emotional support and intelligence, for her, she says the majority of men don't have the range needed to support a relationship.

Inciting the other criteria, regarding financial support, according to her, she doesn't need that, as she hasn't seen any man that can outdo her on that. However, her third criteria she started was another banger, where she said concerning domestic labor, most men are internally not useful. So, therefore, what is the value been added by them, as she concludes to say, this is more reason she finds it difficult to be in partnership with the average Nigerian man afterward one would still have to realize that they bring little to a relationship. And then it will begin to look like one is doing charity work, and on top of that, some men will still be demanding submission which doesn't make sense.

In my opinion, she sounds like a feminist, and I do not support or agree with her statement of fact as she may line them up. Like it is said women help meet a man and that whether you the woman has more money than him.

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