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8 Types of people you will see at a Nigerian burial (Meme collection)

One of the most celebrated events in Nigeria is the burial service, especially for someone who was old before the person died.

Burials of people who long are seen as "Celebration of life." Everybody has attended such burials. When you attend such burials, here are the type of people you are likely to see:

The town criers

These type of people can cry, they cry so much that even the bereaved relatives will start consoling them but once they see food, they postpone their crying.

The Undertakers

These ones will wear suit and throw the coffin up and down as if it's a new born baby. If you refuse to pay them, they will throw the coffin away.

Accusers and gossips

These people are only there to accuse the bereaved family and gossip about other people. They will say things like "This one she's not crying very well, are you sure she's not the one that killed him?"

The Critics

These ones are only around to criticize everything and everyone. They usually say things like "their uniform is not fine", "look at what that one wore to a burial" and "the jollof rice was tasteless."

The Dancers and Acrobats

These set of people are there to dance and perform acrobatics just so that you'll give them a plate of jollof and two bottles of stout.

The food committee

These ones only have one mission: food. They don't know the person that died and they don't care but that food must not pass them by. After eating, they'll pack the one they'll eat at home.

The Show offs

These ones came to do 'guy' and show off with their clothes and cars. These people most times come back from overseas and do not hesitate to show off accent. They usually spray money like water.

The Slay queens and Kings

These are the ones that go to borrow clothes, shoes and wigs so that they'll look sharp. These ones end up stealing meat and canned malt and putting it in their handbags.

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