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See What Happened To This Little Girl After She Fell From a 12 Storey Building

It is everywhere on social media as a toddler miraculously survives after she fell from a 12 Storey building while playing on the balcony. Truly, God is watches over children because they are innocent and are not aware of the risk they take. She was miraculously saved by a dispatch rider who saw the fall.

It was not an easy catch for the delivery man, he has been the hero of the world after he saved this baby. According to Linda Ikeji blog, the man is named Nguyen Ngoc Manh, he his 31 years of age and he had narrated how it was possible for him to save the dying baby. See video of how she was playing till she fell but miraculously saved by a man.

After Linda Ikeji Blog Official, posted this on her instagram page, many people reacted on it giving thanks to God almighty for saving the girl from the pangs of death. Moreso, some users advised parents never to let their kids out of their sight. Here are some screenshots below.

Meanwhile, this should serve as a valid lesson to every parent to keep a close watch on their children as they are yet to know right from wrong and could easily do or eat something that might lead to their untimely death.

Source:- Linda Ikeji Blog Official || Instagram App

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