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Read What Destiny Etiko Said Ladies Should Do If Their Man Runs Outside To Pick A Phone Call

So many men are doing everything possible to hide some secret from their woman especially if the thing will ruin his relationship. Women in the other hand have known their tricks and any slight move they made they always suspect them. One thing about women is that, they hate to share their man with any woman that is why they do everything possible to protect their man from the arms of strange woman. The Nigeria actress, Destiny Etiko posted a video on her Instagram page advising ladies on what to do if their man phone rings and he went outside to picked it.

However, according to her and she said "If his phone rings and he goes outside my sister follow him don't be too lazy help him to find network." Though some men are victim of this especially when they have hidden agenda and they don't want their woman to know about it. And some woman are very smart in the area of this.

I believe if ladies starts to distract their men from other woman he won't have the mind of cheating on them. Though what Destiny Etiko said is the plain true and as a lady that value and want her relationship to last will do that. A man that does not have hidden agenda will not ignored a call in the presence of his woman. And any man that does that is cheating on his woman.

Men try to do what will make your woman happy if you truly loves her.

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