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The only solution for a better living

The only solution to a better world,

The only solution for a blissfull living.

I know you might wonder what this is, the question keeps popping up everytime "what is the solution to our problems"

1: as an individual

2 in the family

3: your place of work

4: as a nation.

What can we hold on to as hope


We seem to forget about the word Love or should I say its doesn't exist anymore.

Lets take our country as a case study:

Love doesn't exist where its ought to be people only show where or to whom seems beneficial to them. Which is wrong.

Lets take some angles as examples

Teachers don't love the student they impact knowledge to, they are only in classes for the consideration attached. That is why our student don't get maximum education. Some are scared to death at the sight of their teachers which is not meant to be.

Divorce cases increasing everyday

Mothers maltreating stepchildren etc.

Its so disheartening and pathetic

We listen to radio and read newspaper and we see atrocities perpetuated on a stead.

So I bring to you a solution, a symbol of hope

Lets love one another from today.

Dont wait for someone to start, show love to people you can and encourage them to do the same. Together lets heal the world.

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