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After My Pastor Told Me To Pray And Bath With Salt, Then This Happened To My Mistress - Fiction

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My story is like that if the one parents tell there children so they won't cheat in relationship when they marry, my name is Timothy Ajayi and I base in Osun State in Nigeria, I met my wife when I was young and I when I fell in love with her I was 19, then when I turned 25 my father made me to join his company as his right hand well that was a big position.

Before all this stated, when I was 7years of age I use to see my father drinking and many mistress, at first I thought it was a bad thing till the day my friends told me that it was normal for men. It wasn't only my father I also saw people like my neighbours alongside my uncle, so I then thought since they were all doing it it must be a normal thing for men and that was how I grew up up to 25years of age and still saw them committing the adultery.

As my father's right hand he introduced me to some if not all of his friends and business partners, the place we usually go for relaxation where clubs and I saw my father and his mistress and most of them were young girls. My father's friend then introduced me to one of his friend's cousin, to me I thought it was an harmless visitation and introduction not knowing it would later turn into something, we got close to knowing each other so well,it wasn't like me and I didn't know what I was doing.

What I noticed was that anytime I touch her the next morning something bad is always happening to me, it was either I invest my money in an illegal business or sometimes police will arrest me.

I then went to church seeking for help and deliverance, when I got there I explained everything to the pastor and he told me to come and see him the next day. When I got home, I noticed that my mistress (Side chick) had given my phone about 21 missed calls, I had no other option than to call her back in which I did and when I called her she immediately told me not to go anywhere that she had terrible dream, I gave her my word that I wasn't going to go and she told me to visit her but I told her I was busy with my dad.

The next morning came but I was feeling tired, my wife made me hot tea and some pills she gave to me so after I took my bathe I went to see the pastor and I was told to pray and bathe with some salt, I did as I was instructed and the next day I went to see my mistress, immediately I entered her house and tried to hug her she told me not to and that I should leave her house, I was surprised like what just happened now but I was clueless. Up till now I don't know what happened but am suspecting my wife to have dome something to her.

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