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Consider Yourself A Genius If You Figure Out What's Wrong In These 10 Pics.

Lje Sherlock Holmes popular quote - "There's nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." I know that most of us most have solved so many mathematics and quantitative reasoning tests, but this article presents something different. A brain teaser that will test how well you pay attention to details is presented below.

Question: Can you figure out what's wrong in each of the pictures below?











Check out the answers below:

1. What's wrong with the picture is the extra hand at the back of the girl in blue.

2. Did you notice that all the parts of the chessboard have varying thickness.

3. This one is easy. The thickness of her heels differ from each other.

4. The girl and the man's shadow were interchanged.

5. A Venetian boat does not have sails.

6. Look closely at the scissors in the topmost left corner. The handles are closed but the blades are open.

7. There's no back rest on the chair.

8. There is presence of more lace holes in one shoe than the other.

9. Two pedals cannot be on the same level. One must be higher.

10. None of the girls have belly buttons.

So, what was your score? How many did you get correctly? Please share your score in the comment section.

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