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Remember the World's Youngest DJ? See Adorable Photos Of Him Now, He Just Turned Eight

 DJ Arch Junior is the world's most youngest DJ as recorded by Guiness Book Of World records. Surprisingly, he's just 8 years old. I remember when I was that same age and how my parents used to force me to do my homework and nothing else.

Born in South Africa in 2012. DJ Arch junior won the 6th season of South Africa's Got Talent at just the age of 3. He is till today, the world's youngest person ever to win a Got Talent. He even got a golden buzzer after the audition. He's truly a belssing and talent.

He was discovered at age 2 after a viral video of him on YouTube showed him playing around with his daddy's DJ equipment and actually creating some dope beats.

After his win in South Africa, he went ahead to contest for World's Got Talent but he's was eliminated at the first stage, still he didn't give up. He still went ahead to contest for Britain's Got Talent where he was eliminated at the quarter finals. Even though he did not win, he became very popular.

I wish I could share a video with you guys, but you needed to see the amazing beats he was making. A crowd of over 5,000 people were vibing to this little boys beat. In my mind, I was like, "I wish I was this boy". 

When he was asked why he loves being a DJ, he says he loves music and music makes him look cool. Oh wow! What a talent.

I hope parents can now see the reasons why it would be good to support your kids. It's not all children that would be what you want for them, some need the "play" to find what they are truly good at. I remember days when mummy would beat me for making tiny mistakes in my homework instead of allowing me be myself. Well, see more photos,

So, what did you grab from this? Tell me something in the comments (anything please) & Share to amaze someone and please Like this post. Stay blessed.

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