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These three are lies. Unfortunately, Nigerian youths still believe them!

Nigeria is a country that has come to love shortcuts. And so we do everything and anything to get us quick and huge money - a destination everyone dearly craves for.

In our pursuit, we tend to forget principles and neglect certain lessons that ought to be learnt and we just swing to anything and anywhere we perceive the odour of money, giving our best, eben at the expense of ourselves or loved ones to get it.

This characteristic of majority of us is due to what we're being exposed to on daily basis. Things we hear and see. These sensed signals then constitute effective driving tool and dictate our reasoning and and ultimately our actions.

Unknown to many, those things are pure lies. They are nowhere near the truth. But we realize they are, not before we've heeded to their beckon. Not after then we realize how much they've either wasted our resources, or made us thread the wrong path.

Three of such notions I love to share with you. Come with me please.

1. Free online earning

While I was tired of just sleeping and waking during Covid-19 lockdown, and as a fresh graduate delayed from serving, I tried searching every nook and cranny of the web to see if there was anything I could lay hold of to make cash.

After all, it's the era of the hiped "work from home" owing to lockdown. I also realised that it isn't about what I don't have, rather, it's about what I have. So, I took to the internet with what I have (my android phone) to get what I want (money).

It was really an experience! Because I love writing, I clicked almost all freelance sites I saw on google search results. Behold, almost all isn't available to Nigerians. The ones available to Nigerians give next to nothing. I stand to be corrected though, many sites that accept Nigerian applications do not intend to pay. Those who have reputations of paying do not have spaces for new starters. When I finally cane across two sites in Nigeria, one of the sites wasn't responding after signing up, and the second is yet to reply my mailed application. Sincerely, I really wanted to write for money. That tells you how I got to opera news hub. I searched and searched till I finally found here. And sincerely, it pays. Although the pay I got for the month of June was nothing, I am still convinced of the genuineness of the platform 'cause I started towards the month end, and I was only able to publish 4 articles.

I also came across "Read and earn" platforms.

Although, I've once tried "Loaded Pen Vibes (LPV), I later came across dozens of other platforms with the same promise - read news and get paid.

The idea sounds awesome and many Nigerian youths waste away by spending hours reading. It consumes their data but at the end, the platforms proof to be fake or scam as we call it.

Aside, LPV, I signed up for digi-add. This site claims to pay, and I think it does. They have different plans you can choose to subscribe to, and I chose the free plan since I was only looking to earn. After days of various data consuming tasks, I found out that the earnings on the free plan can't be withdrawn unless you switch to a paid plan, the minimum of which was, and still is, I think, #5,000.

It really good me down. My bank account was like that of an airtime balance (smiles), where will I get 5k? The earnings should still be there anyway, 'cause I left.

That reminds me, some freelance sites that accept Nigerian applications demanded that I pay some dollars to start getting jobs.

What an awful experience. I almost fell victim of internet fraudster. Almost all sites now have my details - name, phone number, contact address and e-mail.

Time and space will not permit me to give full list of the platforms that now have my details.

Luckily, I found opera news hub that is available for willing writer. And it's exclusively free to start. I'll write in that in my next article. Just click "follow" not to lose out.

Typically, nothing goes for nothing. There exist nothing as "free" online earnings. Not one! So stop believing there is.

2. School na scam

"The government told us that education is the key. But they aren't telling us that they've changed the padlock". Those are the words of an entrepreneur in one of his books.

The situation surrounding the runnings of the affairs of the country has made so many come out to say without mincing words that schooling is a scam ( lies portrayed to be true). Of a truth, undisputable proofs abound as to this claim. Most of the richest people in the world today aren't as educated as some of us. Names that readily come to mind when speaking of time and life transforming inventions were self-learners. Typical of Nigeria, most of our money launders can't even locate their SSCE certificates!

So the conclusion that school is a scam isn't false in its real sense.

The screenshot below is funny, but really speaks volume.

But hey, many young Nigerians are making waves (and excelling too) solely because of their academic achievements. Remember Egoagwuagwu Agnes Maduafokwa? Remember she's gotten lots of cash gifts and promises from prominent Nigerians? That's just because she scored highest in JAMB. Think of what has been done to best graduating students in the past. Although the Nigerian setting at the present does not encourage anyone to sacrifice much for academics, you never can tell where God is taking you. Imagine if Pastor E.A Adeboye was to be an illiterate or a drop out or better still, a low honour graduate, I bet he wouldn't be able to "speak" in some gatherings as he does. With all the anointing, some men of God still keep mute at some gatherings because they didn't achieve much academically. Keeping quiet at gatherings is good, if you won't be regarded as "not needed at all".

It will later dawn on some youths that education isn't scam. So please endeavor to achieve all you can. Make hay while the sun shines.

School may be scam, but education isn't!

3. Love is blind.

This has led countless into unamendable divorce and broken hearts!

Love isn't blind. On the contrary, lust is. Someone once said, " love will blindfold you, marriage will open your eyes". The experience entailed in that quite isn't palatable, believe me.

Dear Nigerian youths, love isn't blind. As a matter of fact, when you're in love, you ought to see clearly. Look out for things you don't want that might be in the found "love".

I remember someone once said that the body you so much admire might house the character you so much dislike.

So, look before you leap. Love isn't blind.

What's your viewpoint in this? Are there any other? Let's hear them in the comment box. Thank you. Shalom!

Content created and supplied by: A.I.M_MARC (via Opera News )

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