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A Funny Meme Story to Make Your Day Better

Scroll down for our weekly meme story

Our story today will be about the relationship between a boy and a girl...

Read carefully and learn from it....

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1.You are the apple of my eyes

2. You believed.... hehehe

3. national anthem

4. Costly mistake

5. One swift gelatinous bite

6. Only the first bite

7. Second bite

8. E don happen ooo

9. This love is beautiful

10. That's how we roll

11. Even then he still wasn't satisfied

12. Is that so

13. Children are blessings of the lord

14. what'd you expect

15. Suicide is never an option

16. This life is beautiful

17. Things don't always pan out the way we expect

18. In God we trust

19. You found life again

20. You get Choice?

21. Have I told you to add me on WhatsApp for more memes like this?

22. Yeah, message me on WhatsApp 08141755117

23. Come again

24. If you get mind, repeat am

That's all for today

Modelled by Nnenna and an apple...

Story by Joseph's eye

Composed by Nnenna and Joseph's eye....

Note: Only one apple was harmed in the production of this story... And it was with his consent

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Content created and supplied by: Joseph's_eye (via Opera News )

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