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Story : A Client From Hell 2


My flight was great. When I got to Abuja a Car was already wating for me. Two men dressed in Black suits introduced themselves as my escort and were sent by Linda. This is actually looking far beautiful than expected, I thought. I sat in the car like the queen I am and opened the bottle of red wine beside me. I must have been really tired as I soon dozed off.

When I woke up I found myself in a room completely unclad. The last thing I remember was dozing off at the back of a nice car with a man smiling at me. I was disoriented, weak and I felt very hungry. The room was completely dirty and smelled of poo. There was no window, the air felt stuffy and they were tiny pools of dirty water. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the door, turned the knob but it was locked.

My heart began to race, my knees felt week, and I started to panic. In fear I reached for my belongings and searched for my phone. I quickly dialled Lucy's number, NOTHING, I dialled again, NOTHING! It was then I noticed the network bar was empty. I looked at the date, 18th of April, I couldn't believe my eyes. Does that mean I've been sleeping and out for 48hrs, this explains why I was hungry. I started to scream for help.

Suddenly the door opened, a woman in a red flowing gown walked towards me. Her hair was perfectly plaited and on her neck was a diamond laced pendant with the words 'Love' She spoke;

''I am not sure there is anyone here to help you.''

Despite the chillness in her voice and the fear that was currently gathering like acid in my mouth, I felt grateful I could finally speak to someone. I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered my Unclad body and silently promised myself not to cry or show any sign of fear.

''Where am I?'' I demanded'

''Well for one, you are far from home and secondly you are here to do the job I paid you for.''

''Are you Linda?''

''I am no longer interested in doing any job, I want to go back home'' I said, trying desperately to sound like I have everything under control.

She acted like she was shocked. Walking the remaining distance between us until we stood toe to toe, then she started to laugh. The laugh sent chills down my spin, by this time I was sure I was doomed.

''Yes, I am Linda and going home depends on how well you do your job'' She said, her face totally blank and her smile gone. ''Now dress up and one of the gaurds would lead you upstairs'' She spun around and started to leave.

I quickly grabbed one of her wrist and tried to turn her round. She gave me a resounding slap that sent me straight to the floor. Her hand felt too thick for a woman and I couldn't help but notice how strong she was.

''Don't you ever touch me'' she screamed and spat on me. Then she started to laugh again, the initial anger and frown instantly disappearing.

''Shamson! Shamson!, Get her to dress up, if she refuses, you know what to do.''

A man built like a modern day Goliath ran in ''Yes ma'' He said.

I felt my throat tighten and my tongue dry, I started to cry. She walked towards me and patted my back

''Don't cry dear, just do what you are told and everything would be fine, dress up and don't forget to come with your toys.''

I opened my mouth as if to speak but nothing came out.

When she left and I saw the look on the guard's face, I did not need to be told twice before I started dressing. I rummaged through my belongings looking for a cloth that would cover the intimates part of my body, unfortunately I only came along with revealing outfits thinking that this would be a normal job as usual.

Finally, I settled for a red spaghetti top, a very short mini skirt, and a white pop-socks. I looked at myself and for the first time since I started this job, I felt like trash.

Once I was done, I was blindfolded with a piece of black clothing by the Goliath looking guard and led through what must have been a staircase.

''If you know what is good for you, you'll do whatever she asks you to do'' He warned.

I couldn't help but feel like a lamb to the slaughter. The picture of beheaded ISIS captives started to play in my mind like a strange horror movie. I thought of my friends, not like I have many. I thought of my mum and tried to remember the last time I spoke with her. I couldn't. My head banged like a million PDP supporters and I couldn't help but wonder if I would be missed. Definitely not!

The guard pushed me forward, momentarily waking me from my thoughts and back to reality. A reality that now seem worse than my nightmares. Would I be able to survive this? I thought to myself amidst tears.

- To be continued...


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