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Enjoy But Don’t Not Get Too Attached - WhiteMoney Advises Liquorose About Emmanuel

For someone as observant as White Money, he has already noticed Liquorose is avoiding Emmanuel with that, the pair talked in the lounge and for White Money, he had some words of advice to give to Liquorose.

Using himself as an example, White Money told Liquorose he knows Queen likes him and with that, he tries not to discomfort her in the process as they would be out very soon and then, he can now show her who he is. If Queen wants to kiss him, he would allow so as not to spoil her game but in a place whereby someone is attached to that person and they are showing it, but the other person is trying to form hard guy or girl, that person might be put in a state of rejection which ends up spoiling their game.

Even though it's only Liquorose that knows where her heart lies, for the sake of the game, she should not judge or be judged on how a woman or man react in terms of relationship as one don't know what the person has in store for them or the plans outside. White Money wants her to keep vibing with Emmanuel as they both make each other happy and if she has that kind of connection with someone, why does she want to lose it.

He doesn't see it as a one-sided thing but seeing someone who has something to give to her but isn't sure if it's negative or positive as only outside would determine. He's also seeing Liquorose as someone who has locked up their emotions and now releasing it to a guy but feels she's not getting enough.

If Emmanuel is doing it for real or not, White Money wants Liquorose to enjoy the cruise but doesn't get too attached.

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