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Throwback Thursday: Which one of these do you still remember? (Pictures)

The problem about having Mathematical set then is that once any of the item lost, you are in trouble, especially if it's my own mum. She will search my whole bag anytime I come back from school. If she notice any thing she didn't bought for me, then I'm in hot soup.

Who else went through hell for asking to wash this? Washing the globe or what is it called of this lantern and breaking it will ensure nothing but cane for you. Breaking it means it will end in a cold tears for you.

This is called Donkua, some call it other names. We do buy it for 5naira then. It used to be spiced with pepper. And it's damn sweet.

When life was simple, I do play this in class and I was one of the best player. But there is a guy called David who use to beat all of us. If you can create this, that means you are a very creative person. Life was good then.

Before we finally bought our own TV, I use to go with my friends to a neighbor house to watch films. Dagunro and Abija were our actor and boss then because we feel the protagonist is an actor while the antagonist is the boss. Adulthood is a scam!

I didn't meet some of this, but I met the fanta bottle. Which one did you meet? Again, adulthood is a serious business.

If this thing should hang in your hand, you are into another pot of soup. I listen more to the likes of King Sunny Ade and Orlando Owoh on tapes like this. Including Gbenga Adeboye.

This used to be above our Fast and Furious. Who else agree with me that being an adult is a major scam?

This is our hummer Jeep them. I never believe we were so creative then. We will take this up the a hill and say "go on free". It injured me once though.

Gowon's finger. This is the real sweet them. I use to buy like 5, share it among friends and become big boys.

If you have this, you can become the local champion and control the whole of your neighborhood boys.

They will beg you that you should let them play. You just have to convince your mum or dad to buy it for you then. It was fun growing up.

After I've grown I then realise that adulthood comes with a lot of challenges and expectations. If you are a teenager, please don't grow o (That is a joke by the way).

I will like you to share some things you think will happen to you while growing up but didn't happen, and how you move ahead.

Also tell me your favorite out of all the pictures above.

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