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Opinion: See why this Genre of Music by this Nigeria Artists is the Best of its Kind

Music is a vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. It is a medium where individuals tale stories about their life experience and also express their emotions or feelings about happenings in the society. Music use vocal symbols or language and instruments to pass a massage across the society. 

The Genre, type or style of music varies depending on the choice of individuals. There is hip-hop, Afro, RMB, High-life and many more which are all awesome and amazing. But what makes some of the style outstanding is the information or massage that the music carries, instruments and the skills of the Artist. 

Every music is expected to portray a massage, should be able to inform, educate, entertain, and create feelings and emotions to the listener. High-life music is one genre that most people preferred listening to due it's clarity in massage and that's the type of music that will be used to explain my point. 

High-life is West African style of music that combines African dance music with Western guitar sounds and jazz influences. I'm using our own Nigeria as example. 

Iledare Oluwajuwonlo born on 6th June, 1986. Popularly known by his stage name Jaywon, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer, producer and actor. He launched his record label named Next World Music in 2013 after his exit from Kennis Music.

Jaywon was honoured with the Best New Artist award at the Nigerian Music Video Awards in 2009 & many more awkwards.

One of his resent song Titled "inside life" is a good example of Afro high life music.

The talented singer who had made a melodious impact in the music industry travels down to the East and linked up with raving hi-life singers, The Umu Obiligbo brothers to share a vital message about life.

On this new track the singers talks about the different life disappointment and life occurrences. 

He narrated his experience about two brothers Emeka who got visa to Malaysia to go search for greener pastures told his brother Chibuike to take care of his wife only to return after two years and discover that Chibuike has impregnated his wife, what a disappointment? 

They further share that the impossibility is possible inside this life we live in, it’s that person which you know and trust that would hurt you the most and also capable of back stabbing you.

This is unique & outstanding because it presented contemporary issue in a very clear language and style. The songs has the following massage; 

1. Betrayal/ Disappointment 

2. The possibilities in an impossible situation 

3. The quest for greener pastures 

4. Trust "Na who know man go kill am"

Below are what makes it outstanding :

1 it carries a clear massage 

2 the track has the power to educate & inform 

3 it's interesting & entertaining 

4 it portrays culture 

The beauty of this song will never be overemphasized, music without massage is Not worth listening to. I recommend that you use the below link to download and listen to the music carefully.

Content created and supplied by: Martino_onyitex (via Opera News )

Afro Iledare Oluwajuwonlo Nigeria RMB


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