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Stop Calling It 'Garri', Here Is The English Name

In Nigeria, "Garri" is one of the most popular food, it is made from cassava and it can be eaten with different kinds of soup like Melon, Okro, vegetable, etc. The name "Garri" is popularly called by Nigerians and it was derived from a native dialect.

This is what I experienced in the supermarket today.

Most times I buy things from the market, so today I decided to get some food items in the supermarket, I told the shop keeper to give me a cup of "Garri", she stood up, looked at me and laughed, the children also laughed at me, I was surprised to see them laughing because that was the name I usually call it, so I had to point out the item I needed to avoid embarrassment. Immediately after I finished shopping, I went back home to do my research.

During the research, I found out they were laughing because the appropriate name for " Garri" is "Cassava granules".

Hope you have learned something from today's article, share and drop your comments. So stop calling it "Garri".

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