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4 Struggles Actress, Margot Robbie Went Through To Become Harley Quinn (Photos)

Undoubtedly, Harley Quinn is one of the most entertaining superheroes in the DC Universe. However, the character, Harley Quinn, wouldn’t have come to life if not for Margot Robbie. Margot Robbie first portrayed the character, Harley Quinn in the first Suicide Squad movie produced in 2016, she then went on to star in 2 other DC movies, Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey (2020) and Suicide Squad (2021) where she also starred as Harley Quinn.

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However, Margot Robbie was faced with a lot of difficulties for portraying Harley Quinn, and I’m going to show you some of them:

Getting Into Her Best Shape

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To fully embody the role of Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie had to start training 6-months before filming, and of course, her workout routine was intense.

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The actress trains 2 – 3 hours a day for full-body toning, some of her daily exercises includes; running, swimming, trampoline jumping. Leg lifts, lower reps, etc. She also opted-in for gymnastics, boxing, and gun training. 

She Had To Become A Comic Nerd

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Playing the role of Harley Quinn was not something actress, Margot Robbie had to fight for, and her transformation into a villain protagonist was something far from easy.

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To embody the character, Margo Robbie had to do many kinds of research, and that includes reading a lot of comic books related to Harley Quinn.

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Fortunately, the actress played the role of Harley Quinn perfectly well that she even had her solo movie, Birds of Prey.

She Had To Wear Heels Throughout The Filming

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Initially, heels weren’t the first wardrobe choice of Margot Robbie, she tried wearing docks and flat shoes, but after the first camera test, it was clear that the character needed more height to look better. She revealed that the painful aspect of wearing heels was when she was required to climb stairs. 

Finding the Right Voice

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It took Margot Robbie a while to find a distinctive voice for her character. In the animations, Harley Quinn had a high-pitched voice, but Margot Robbie said that if decided to go with the high-pitched voice, she would eventually lose it when it comes to an emotional scene. However, the actress revealed that her voice is referenced to Lorraine Bracco, which she had to listen to every morning before heading to set.

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