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Divorce Affair

Women, Apart From His Blood Type, Read 3 Other Things You Need To Know Before You Marry Him - As Shared By Reno

In life, there are several stages everyone would get to. Out of these stages, marriage is the most critical. As we all know that marriage is a beautiful thing, but there are some things we do not know about our partners, and this always brings divorce or other negative occurrences between the couples.According to Reno Omokri who spoke on marriage today in his nugget, he emphasized women, because they are always at the receiving end of whatever happens in the marriage. In his statement, he said most ladies feel they are ready for marriage because they know a man's blood type.

Without a doubt, it is good to know a man's blood type which is either A, B, AB, or O, because it can raise complications for their children, but there is more to marriage than just blood type.

In Reno's nuggets, he made mention of three other things. The first thing is the amount he earns. It is very good to know, for both of you to sit down and plan your finances. Before marriage, this should be known so that both of you would know whether to get another source of income or not.

The next thing to know is how he acts when angry. As humans, we all have these negative sides, because nobody is perfect. As a lady, sometimes, you have to do something that will arouse his anger, and see the way he would handle the situation. If he is angry, will he slap you, keep quiet, hit an object on your head, or just be looking at you.

Lastly, his religious convictions. Whether he is Muslim or a Christian, you must know if he is a true believer or just pretending to be what he is not. As a lady, you must be with a man who is personally convinced about his religion. Hope he is not the type that would not be able to handle his home in a godly way.

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