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EXCLUSIVE: A Step By Step Breakdown of Ayo & Teo's "Rolex" Dance

You've probably never wanted a Rolex so much after hearing Ayo and Teo"Rolex." The song, which was officially released in March 2017, also comes with a fun dance that went viral on social media, as the duo created a challenge for their fans around it.

"Rolex" is absolutely about the coveted watch, and was inspired by a shopping trip to a jeweler at the mall. The guys explain to iHeartRadio, "We were buying jewelry at a mall, it ended up being fake jewelry, but we didn't know about it until we texted our manager the watches that the jeweler took out of the safe. Our manager told us to get out, and we didn't understand why, so we left, and came back to our hotel room." 

Step 1: The Rollie

"All you do is move your hips and have your hands up like this. Shake your hands in a circular motion, and your waist."

Ayo and Teo

Step 2: Dab it Up!

"The second part is dabbing to the left, right, and do two steps."

Ayo & Teo

Step 3: Hit for the Break

Ayo & Teo

"Cause I already got some designer to hold up my pants."

Ayo & Teo

Step 4: Show that ice on the wrist

Ayo & Teo

Step 5: The Uzi Shoulders

Ayo & Teo

Step 6: Look at it

Ayo & Teo

Step 7: Put you in a trance

Ayo & Teo

Practice these moves and show off to your friends

I'm philomena thanks for reading!

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