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"I thought they said she's innocent" Ifedioku Troll For Revealing Her chest (Photos).

I know that many of you are familiar with the lady Called ifedioku, the beautiful Anambra girl who became Famous recently after she posted a picture of herself without makeup or earrings.

Those of you, who are frequent readers of the Opera news app, can testify better. Ifedioku unlike any kind of lady attracted more fans and admirer to her self after she posted a picture of herself, making waves in almost all the social media platforms, with this picture below.

Subsequently, she began to post more photos of her self, as time goes on, gaining more followers and admirers to herself.

Some of these pictures can be seen below

I I guess after going through all those pictures, I believe you now remember who am talking about, and for those, you who are just seeing her for the first time might have gained a little knowledge about her.

Remember all these pictures posted by ifedioku has been receiving recommendations and lots of people have been admiring those pictures of hers. She has gained lots of followers and fame too from those pictures of hers.

However, she went forward to make another post in other to maintain relevance and stay update with her fans, and this time around, it wasn't like the previous ones has she received disappointing comments and replies from her fans, people blasted her and condemned her recent pictures.

See what she posted.

She made the post and accompanied it with the caption:

"who needs a secretary?"

She didn't get usual comments, while others gave nice replies, others went ahead to give her the kinds of replies she wasn't expecting to get.

See replies and photos

The comments she got were so much. While some gave nice replies, others went on to give her the kind of replies I'm sure she wasn't expecting to get.

See more replies


"I thought they said she was innocent and doesn't makeup🚶🚶"


"you were hidden b4 now you have exposed your real person, very soon you will lose many fans. Abia goddess."




"Why are u people now telling her to cover her chest, is it not u people said that she's the most beautiful girl without makeup. Una never see something"


"you won't put somebody's husband in trouble for your kind, nakedness cannot secure you a job"

What your view on ifedioku recent pictures?

Was she right or wrong posting such revealing pictures?

Please give your view in the comment box below.

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