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After I Was Given A Lift In An Expensive Car By A Stranger, This Was What I Saw In My Bag(Fiction)

My name is Beatrice though those who know me well call me Beauty. I didn't earn that pet name for nothing. Being a tall, slim young lady with an ebony black skin, immaculate white teeth and big brown dreamy eyes, people were always mesmerized by my beauty.

I was already used to being stared at in public. At first, it was quite embarrassing but with time, I got used to it and sometimes even enjoyed the attention. I was always treated with respect and some protocols were always overlooked for me. Most times, these favors came from men. I always turned them down because I knew that such favors came with troubles.

I had made up my mind I wasn't going to give in to any man who wasn't my husband. I kept myself for my Mr Right.

One day, something happened that completely changed my peaceful life. That day I was already late for my appointment and was hurrying along to meet up. As I increased my pace, I noticed an expensive car that seemed to be following me. I slowed my steps and the car stopped in front of me. Already, I knew what the driver wanted. I faced this almost every week. Normally, I would have turned down the offer, but not today. I was in a tight corner. I was already running late and there were no commercial buses.

The driver rolled down his window, and I saw a well dressed man who seemed to be in his early forties. He gave me a charming smile and of course offered me a lift. My mind told me not to but I didn't listen. I took the offer and entered his car.

I was surprised he dropped me off at my destination without asking for my number. That was the first. They always asked for my number, bit not this guy. It got me wondering about him.

Later that day at night after a very long day at work, I opened my handbag to complete a form before going to bed. But instead of my file, I saw a fat envelope in my bag. I didn't remember putting any envelope in my bag.

Carefully opening it, I saw a large amount of money in it. It was in dollars. I was still shocked when I saw a note. I read it and it read" You are mine and mine alone. Stay away from any relationship. Take the money, use it for your upkeep till we meet. Don't do otherwise cos am always watching you".

After I read this, I had to read it over and over again. Who is this person? Despite the large amount of money, I was in great danger. Could it be the man who gave me a ride today that dropped this in my bag? If not him then who? Should I go to the police?

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Beatrice Beauty


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