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Opinion: Here are things to learn from the marriage of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

To many people out there, the relationship between Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty is the worst pairing ever or in recent times. From the day one the news about their relationship broke out, they have continually come under severe bashing, criticism and attacks. But just like the Holy Bible clearly stated, that whatever has been destined by God to be, nothing can ever stop it, which is exactly what played out between Nicki and Kenneth.

So, in line with this, we shall take a look at the great and important lessons we must learn from their marriage. Aside the fact that it will give you a clearer picture as to why their relationship stood against all odds, it shall also impact in you vital things you should know about marriage, especially as a holy institution.

When you consider the social class and enviable success of Nicki Minaj, you are definitely not wrong to think that her marriage will literally shake the foundations of the earth. But unfortunately, it fell far below the expectations of many, and once again, it clearly shows that marriage is not about paparazzi, glitz, glamour and flashes of camera light, but something more serious, mature and responsible.


This is a very big and important factor in the marriage business, and unfortunately, most people fail to take it into consideration at the initial stage of their relationship, and they pay dearly for that negligence afterwards. But on her part, Nicki Minaj portrayed a world class wisdom, hence the reason why her desire was totally different from that of the people out there, especially those who feel they know what suits her more than herself.

While the people out there were obsessed with social class and several other fleeting qualities, Nicki Minaj was busy running the compatibility test between herself and Kenneth Petty, which is more important to her than the what is occupying the minds of the people out there.

Because no matter the amount of love you and your partner might have for each other, once you guys are not compatible, things will continue to fall apart, and subsequently leading up to the crash of the marriage. Only at then, will you understand that social class, paparazzi, Glamour, fame, fortune, etc, is not the life wire of any marriage.

And compatibility as a major factor or consideration in every relationship, especially one with the potential of marriage, is not standing alone. There are other important factors domiciled under it. Such like True Love, Honesty, Religious belief/affiliation, quality of life, etc.


Nicki Minaj exhibited high level of maturity in the face of all the severe criticism, media bashing, attacks, etc. Recall that at the peak of their relationship, and with the news of their marriage all over the place, a lot image tarnishing stories and publications about Kenneth Petty's ugly past began to fly up and down. All were calculated and well scripted attempt and plan to frustrate their relationship/marriage.

But regardless of the heart breaking stories, mounting pressure, media bashing and attacks, Nicki Minaj stood her ground, refusing to compromise for any reason. She understood that no human is perfect, and that old things are passed away, as such, she's only concerned about the present lifestyle of Kenneth Petty. Should it be one of those feeble minds, they would have collapsed it all at the peak of the drama and literally "Hot Seat."

Handling Imperfections:

Unlike most uninformed persons, love is not on the look out for the perfect partner or companion, hence the reason Nicki Minaj refused to be blinded and discouraged by the imperfections of her love interest, Kenneth Petty.

Most persons would have decided the fate of that relationship based on all they must have heard about Kenneth, especially when they have a big personality like Nicki Minaj. But Nicki was fully aware of the rules of the game; that you help your partner become whatever you want he or she to be. It is only foolish and unwise to keep searching for the perfect man or woman because none exists.

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