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2 Reasons Why Whitemoney Should Stop Advising Angel On What To Do.

Photo credit: Punch Newspaper

Whitemoney has tried to see that Angel is happy, to him, it's seems, there are things bothering Angel, which she needs to get off her mind.

Whitemoney is known for looking out for his fellow housemates, he derives joy from seeing people happy.

Angel smith is a 21years old lady, who should cherish every piece of advice, she gets from people.

Following what Angel said during her first and second week in the house, there is no doubt that Angel has been through a lot in her life.

There are so many things, Angel revealed about herself which suggests, she needs great support and love.

However, there are reasons why Whitemoney, should stop advising Angel.

Photo credit: BBnaija.Ng

1. Angel is Quite Smart.

Angel has proven to be smart, she understands what is good for her and what could destroy her.

If you are watching the show, you can tell that Angel is one of the housemates that understands the game.

She is clever, and her strategy Is top-notch, which has helped her to stay in the house up till now.

2. She's Using His Advice against him.

Before Angel and Pere were asked to leave the house (Fake eviction), before then, Angel was a good friend of Whitemoney.

But after the fake eviction, Angel changed the concept, she had about Whitemoney, she said things that a friend don't purpose to say.

To be precise, Whitemoney won't have wasted his energy in advising Angel, if he knew what Angel said about him in the secret room.

Photo credit: Lucipost

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