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Video: "She Used Cane, Knife To Beat Me" - Little Boy Reveals How He Was Tortured By A 'Pastor'

The heart of man is indeed desperately wicked and no one truly knows or can see it except God. The way and manner some people treat human beings, would leave you wondering if they were created by GOD or by the devil whom they exhibit in every way, because it beats my imagination how on earth people behave and treat a fellow human being like a trash. I saw an invitation to a channel on telegram via Twitter, so I joined the platform that's supposed to be an entertaining place but the first video I came across, blew me away. It was a short video showing a woman beating a child said to be her help with stick, she repeatedly stepped on this little boy, who was obviously shouting and crying but no help was in sight except for the person recording, who obviously did nothing to stop her from dehumanizing that little boy.

In a trending video I came across today March 17,2021 posted by Channels Television on their Instagram handle, showed two women who were arrested mid February 2021, following their wicked and evil acts towards these three children in Anambra State, the said female Pastor Rejoice and her 80years old mother bought for N3,050,000 (Three Million And Fifty Thousand Naira) from a social worker called Sabina Izuorah who is now at large.

Few weeks later, the children were interviewed and questioned on who inflicted all these wounds on their bodies, they alleged it was the wicked and monstrous Pastor Rejoice. One of the said, whenever she beats him, she would then kick him from up down the stairs while another said she beats him with cane and knife. From the video, one could see the marks on the bodies of these children. When one of them were asked to go and touch the said evil woman, he refused saying that she would beat him despite the fact that people gathered there, this for me shows the innocence of these children.

When the woman was questioned, she never showed any remorse for what she and her mother had done to these children. Only GOD knows how long she had been doing this and how many she had killed in the past.

What kind of treatment do you think, is deserving of these women and their collaborators?

Watch the video here

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