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Venom vs Thor, Check out the reasons why venom can defeat Thor

Thor is the Asgardian god of thunder, with different powers and abilities, which makes him one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe, venom on the other hand is known for his immense strength and ferocity.

So let's pit venom and thor together in a battle see how venom can actually defeat thor.

Powers and abilities:


Real name:Brock lesnar.

Species:Human/Symbiote hybrid.

Place of origin:Earth/Space.

Powers and abilities:

1.Superhunan strength sufficient to stalemate carnage, hulk and spiderman.

2.Super speed,agility, reflexes, endurance and durability.

3.Nigh Invulnerability.

4:Ulimited web generation.


Real name:Thor Odinson.


Place of origin:Asgard.

Powers and abilities:

1.godlike strength.

2.Super speed, stamina,reflexes and durability.

3.Regenerative healing factor via magic. and lightning manipulation.

6.proficient in use of mjolnir.

7.Aided flight with mjolnir.

Thor would subdue venom with his hammer or a lightning strike, but venom is a faster, agile and cunning fighter, he will dodge all of Thor's attacks and web thor's face, blocking Thor from breathing, at the end of the bout, venom defeats thor.

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