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Laura: story of my Life

Life has always been blissful for me. Having all I want at my finger tips. I had the best Dad anyone could wish for and a super Mom that cares for her own more than she would for herself. My kid brother was one amazing champ though he can be troublesome sometimes.( Guess it's common for boys to be troublesome). It all made me love him more. What more could I have asked for.

I remember those times Dad will come from his long business trips with lots of gifts for Mom, kid brother and I. I always had new things to flaunt before my friend's. I always do share too. Mom taught me to be generous.

I remember clearly the shoppings we went with Mom. It was all exciting. Was it how I was celebrated on my birthday or when I did well at school. Happy memories indeed. I still haven't forgotten the time spent with my kid brother playing and fighting. It was all fun filled.

I still haven't forgotten and will never forget all of Mom's advice. To be kind despite our wealth. To be kind and loving. To be chaste and disciplined. To be hard working and determined.

I won't forget the scoldings from Dad. They really built me.

But it's all in the past now, all these existed before that very day. Before that tragic evening where all I had was taken away. I would never forget that day.

Let me properly introduce myself before I bore you with many things about my pathetic life. I an Laura Edward one and only daughter of the Edwards. My family consisted of my Dad Mr. Edward, my Mom, Mrs. Jane Edward, my kid brother, Larry Edward and my beautiful self. Presently I'm 25

Am gonna take you on a journey of my life. How I went from plenty to poverty, and how I was finally lifted to the peak.

To be continued.

Just follow this page and stay tuned for the next episode. Love you

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