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Check Out These 5 Things The Bible Forbids, But We Do It Anyway (Photos)

No matter how holy you are in this life you must do something that violates the rule of God, even if you are a pastor, preacher, Imam or any kind of holy you are. The best things in this life for you to survive is to try as much as you can to stop yourself from what God has forbidden in others for you to make it in Heaven.

There is certain stuff in life, that we do take as ordinary without realizing that Lord has put an unfavourable consequence on that stuff and it might influence any one of us performing them in one way or the other. In today's summary, you will see the 5 extensively incredible and tremendous things that even the Bible prevented them, but people endure performing it.

We know that the Bible is hard to comprehend accurately. Several people say that the Old Testament law no longer applies, but others believe it quiet applies. Hence, we are here to seek assistance from biblical scholars. We have collected some behaviours restricted in the Old Testament and the New Testament. We like to know, are they still?

1) Braiding Your Hair; Most people think that when you are not into those who plait their hair on any celebration like a party, Christmas or any other things activities are not wise. Timothy 2:9, have prohibited for a lady to plaits her hair.

2) Wearing Gold: People od nowadays turns wearing Gold a passion which is a big sin we don't know. Like most of our celebrities do wear Gold when performing in an event and Bible Bible too prohibited that.

3) Women Speaking In Church: Corinthians 14:34: said people should keep silence in church but surprisingly you will see some people dancing, clapping and shouting in the church all in the name of fellowships which is wrong.

4) Tattoos In The Body; Doing your body a tattoo is not a passion my brother even Bible prohibited. Leviticus 19:28:

5) Looking At A Woman That Is not Your Wife: people have turned this into a normal thing, they will be looking at someone wife or woman which is wrong.

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