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Three things Whitemoney did which helped him in winning BBN.

This year's edition of Big Brother Naija has drawn to a close with White money emerging as the winner. The Enugu indigene has been a favourite since the beginning of the show. Almost all viewers knew that he would be the one walking away with the money. The question is, what is so special about him? What did he do to make viewers like him so much?

First of all, White money entered the show with a plan. You cannot just be competing for 90m without any plan or strategy. He took pictures of himself with some of the outfits he took to the house so that his social media handler will have content for his page.

Remember that one of his strategies was to endear himself to the housemates. He did that by serving them with food. He cooked and managed the kitchen without complaints. In fact, when Pere tried to get him to stop, the narrative flipped. People started seeing White money as the victim and Pere as the bully. In such a case, more people stand with the victim.

Secondly, White money understands how Nigerians think and he was not afraid to use his knowledge. We may do a lot of things in secret but despise it in public. When Angel flashed her lady parts on the show, the backlash was enormous. When asked, White money said that Angel was a marketer. By condemning the act which many Nigerians condemned despite our hypocrisy, he endeared himself to the hearts of many.

He was also aware that it was for his own good if the viewers pitied him. So, when he had issues with Pere, he made sure he was always on the receiving end and he never retaliated. So, people voted for the man who didn't deserve bullying.

Lastly, he made his story as relatable as possible. Life in Nigeria is mostly about the hustle. For White money, he has had to move from one business to another seeking for the right one. Many people can relate with that. Plus, he had some celebrities coming out to vouch for him as being a good person when he worked dor them.

All these factors have contributed in making sure that White money got the money.

You see, BBN is not just a game of luck, it is a place to think, strategize and win. Whether you liked his strategies or not, it got him the money. That's all that matters.

Congratulations to White money. We cannot wait to see how the next season of his life turns out.

Content created and supplied by: Baabuuhh (via Opera News )

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