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Literature Poetry

The principal's daughter (fiction) chapter 2

The most beautiful girl I had ever seen walked into the sitting room. She was wearing a school uniform and she had headphones in her ear. She removed one earphone from her ear and said "Dad, I'm home" before she finally noticed me. She said "Good afternoon" before she ran off to her room.

I didn't realize I was drooling till she had gone and I realized how stupid I probably looked. I had heard rumors about the principal's daughter looking like an angel but the person I saw right now was way beautiful than how I had imagined her to be.

Her father came back to the sitting room with his daughter behind him. He said "Jaiye, this is my daughter Tomi. Tomi, this is jaiye". She's walked towards me and stretched out her arm "Nice to meet you, Jaiye"

I was lost for words as Tomi looked even more beautiful up close. I caught myself in time and said "Nice to meet you too"

Mr adegbite said "Jaiye is one of the most intelligent students in his set, he has one very nasty habit though. He's never on time. He has won numerous awards by representing the school in math competitions and many more. I also brought him here because I feel he will be able to tutor you and help you get over your fear of mathematics"

She looked very uninterested and said "Okay, Let me know when he's going to start"

"After school tomorrow" her dad said

I realized that I was going to be able to spend more time with Tomi and get to know her. I was actually looking forward to it. She asked for my phone number and said she was going to need it. She walked out of the room and left me with her dad.

He said "Continue with your work, when you're done you can meet us at the dining bed have lunch with us" He walked out of the room too.

3 hours later.

I was back in my house, my parents weren't back yet though. I switched my phone on and called my mom. She said they weren't going to be home today because they had a very tight shift. My parents were doctors who worked in the same hospital.

I had dinner and I went to bed early. Thinking and dreaming about tomorrow, the day I would start tutoring an angel, Tomi.

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Jaiye Tomi


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