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Zee world: Do you remember Sapne Suhane (Young dreams)? Here's what we got for you.

The show was created by Shakuntalam Telefilms, written by Anjum Abbas together with Lavleen Mishra And directed by Rajesh Babbar.  

The TV show was my favorite at that time. Though, It's running time was really short as approximated to be around 21 minutes. A lot of fans are dying to see the next episode every time it comes to an end.


Roopal Tyagi (Gunjan)

Mahima Makwana (Rachna)

Ankit Gera (Mayank)

Piyush Sahdev (Kabir)

Aanchal Khurana (Charu) as the main villain

I enjoyed watching the movie since 2012 until it's very last episode on 21 January 2015.

As the name implies, (Young dreams) is all about two teenage girls (Gunjan and Rachna) whose life stage was shown, The struggles they went into, The love they share among themselves, The ups and downs together with the lost they made and more also, the sacrifices a lot of young women like them makes.

The movie gathered a number of 707 episodes which result in a lot of fans losing the very last episodes. If you know that you are one of them, Kindly follow to see what life experiences they passed through and how the show ends.

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Anjum Abbas Lavleen Mishra Rajesh Babbar. Roopal Tyagi Sapne Suhane


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