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80 million naira is too much for the winner of Big brother nigeria.

Hello guys. Your view may be contrary to mine, nevertheless this is my opinion. I was shocked to read the reward given to the winner of Bigbrother Nigeria 2020 .The reward and benefit gotten from the participation of Bigbrother Nigeria is too much. Imagine! The sum of 80 million Naira will be given in total to one person. What is this person doing to deserve such amount? You may say , entertainment. Entertainment really? Aren't they other means of entertainment.why will we encourage bad attitude, obnoxiousness, idleness to good behaviour,education,hardwork.

People often say that people of meek character do not win Bigbrother. So what are we encouraging here? Government agencies and organisations encourage the youths to get an education,but this same people are not investing in our education system. Instead they will prefer to give their money to winners in the Bigbrother competition to boost their sales and popularity.

The education system is in decadence. A lot of students drop out of school due to their inability to fund thier fees or access student loans which other governments offer their students. Some Intellectuals cannot afford to sponsor themselves too school . Just recently the Nigerian Society Of Engineers rewarded 16 students with the best Jamb scores,the sum of one million naira each.They were commended for these.In Anambra state some students were awarded with goats for being the overall best in their schools.

What are we teaching the youths? For example Footballers and entertainers are paid more than teachers and lecturers.Before you can earn something reasonable,you must have been lecturing for a number of years and attained the status of a professor.Even as a professor who adds value to human existence through his researches,his earnings are poor. We value frivolities over than hardwork.According to economist, For a society to improves it's gross domestic profit, it should invest in education,health and environment. These investments yield profits in the nearest future,and makes the economy stronger.

Have you asked yourself why there has been a incessant increase in the rate of exam malpractice. Well,the society encourages this.How many educative shows do we have in Nigeria. How much is paid to the winner? What is the certainty of getting a job immediately after graduation?

I call on the ,Government, agencies, organisations to prioritize our needs and not wants. Consider the future of our dear country.Nigeria is blessed with a lot of potentials.let us maximise it,else we will be like the ruins of gilrabar.

Content created and supplied by: Patrarose (via Opera News )

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