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Meet Pretty Women in Okoya ‘s Household

One remarkable thing about the popular Lagos family, the Okoyas, is the fact that they have within the family a large concentration of pretty women.

From the matriarch of the family herself, Alhaja Kuburat Olayinka Okoya who is the eldest wife of the eleganza boss, to Shade Okoya, the other wife of the Otun Aare of Lagos, to even some of the Okoya’s daughters, like Moji, Biola ,Aina, all these women have one thing in common: beauty.

Let’s start with Alhaja Kuburat Okoya. Despite her old age, she still looks every inch a pretty woman who could conveniently pass for a forty year old women.

Then take Shade, a mother of four lovely kids: Olamide, Olasubomi, Olamipo and Olajuwon, who is blessed with a slim-built and a height that is alluring.

This University of Lagos graduate could easily pass for a beauty queen. Then step in Wosilat Okoya, who is billionaire Rasaq Okoya’s younger sister,

This tall , sweet looking lady with a pair of alluring eyeballs, is blessed with an impressing height, which makes whatever she wears sit well on her.

She is the mother of three lovely daughters: Bisola, Faridah and Halimah. She looks forever smashing any day either in English or native attire.

What about Moji Tejuoso, who is married to Lanre Tejuoso. Alhough she has added weight over the years.

Moji is blessed with a lovely look.

This was one of the things that got her attracted to her husband when they met years back.

If Moji has a great look, how about Biola, her younger sister? She is absolutely gorgeous.

Yet, she has three lovely kids: Ayodeji, Ayomide and Ayobola. Her younger sister, Aina, has a lot in common with Moji, In  terms of resemblance.

Aside Okoya children, his sons; Taofik, Lanre, Tunde and Bolaji all  married to beautiful wives who can conveniently contest for beauty competition. 

Content created and supplied by: Funsho (via Opera News )

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