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Her Dirty Secret (Chapter Three)



“You look sick, what happened at work?” My mom asks as I enter the house. 

I look at her sadly, wishing I can tell her everything, let her comfort me and tell me what to do. But she will be so disappointed in me if I do. I've always been a perfect child to her, responsible, beautiful, kindhearted and intelligent. How will I tell her she is wrong about one thing? 

I smile tiredly. “Nothing ma, I am just tired”

“I prepared dinner already. Go and take a shower, then you eat” She orders. 

I walk to my bedroom wobbly. I drop my bag on the floor and look around the room. Surely, everything is different from how it was ten years old, but I can still remember vividly how everything was then. The memory never left because this is the room where everything happened. 

I sink to the floor, tears rolling down my eyes. Why can't I move on from what happened. It seems Gbenga did, maybe he doesn't even remember anything. But I am here, stuck in the past and not forgiving myself. I cry silently, hoping God hears my cries this time around and forgive me for everything so I can move. 

Why did Gbenga come back? Since he left, I thought with time, everything will be normal again but seeing him again is painfully bringing all the memories. 

I take my shower slowly, trying to wash away every bit of shame from my body. After the shower, I dry my body and step into my pyjamas. It is a routine, Home to work, work to home. I don't go anywhere else. Kenny keeps telling me to mingle so I can find love again, but I don't want to. All I want to do is curl up in my bed after work everyday. 

I bring out my phone from my bag to check my social media accounts, just something to get my mind off everything bothering me. 

I walk downstairs humming to myself silently, my phone in my hand. 

“Mom, what can I do?” I offer as I step into the kitchen. 

“We have to prepare more food, Damola just called me that he will be bringing a friend over” She says hurriedly, running across the kitchen. 

“Who is that?” I ask curiously, wondering if it is a girl. Damola doesn't have much friends. 

“I don't know too... Maybe it's an old friend” My mom says suggestively. 

I roll my eyes, hoping Damola is not bringing his girlfriend over. I am not in the mood to tolerate any lousy girl, or smile and chat with her. 

I fry the chicken and beef and my mom cooks rice, not less than thirty minutes, the food is ready. We set the dinner and soon enough, we hear Damola's loud voice and another guy's laugh. I sigh in relief, glad it is not a girl. 

“They are here” My mother said and I nod in agreement. 

Soon the door opens, Damola steps in "look who I brought!”

Oh no.... My jaw drops in shock as I watch who walks in after Damola. Not him again! How did he find me?  

Gbenga smiles at me before he turns to my mom. “Good evening ma” he bows his head. 

My mother smiles affectionately at him. “Good evening my dear. How are you?"

“I'm fine ma... How have you been? You still look lovely after all these while” Gbenga says warmly. 

My mother blushes, a little lost. "You look familiar...”

“Yes Mom... It's Gbenga my childhood friend, remember him?”

My mother thinks for a while before the memory clicks. “Yes... I do. You lived here for a while with your aunt right?”

“Yes ma" is his simply reply. 

“Wow... You are so big now. How is your aunt?” My mother asks again, and I roll my eyes. Why all these questions? 

“Okay... Come on in. It's so nice to see you again” She ushers him in. 

He walks into the sitting room and we follow him. Before sitting down, he looks at me. “Gold, we meet again”

My mother looks at me instantly. 

“You guys met already, why didn't you tell me?” my brother accuses me, his eyes glaring. 

I say nothing but Gbenga replies him. “We met today at the company she works. I had business there”

Damola nods. “Okay...”

“So how did you meet him again?” My mother directs the question to Damola but Gbenga answers. 

“I saw a friend of ours at the hotel I'm staying, I asked for Damola's number, so I called him today” he explains. 

“I practically dragged him here to see you guys” Damola adds and my mother laughs. 

I stand akimbo, watching all the drama. Gbenga looks at me occasionally and I eye him continuously, wondering what his motive for coming here is. They chatted for a while and I refuse to join them. 

“Why are you standing there, Wura?” my mother asks concernedly. Damola and Gbenga pause too, waiting for me to say something. 

“Hmm... I forgot to put water on the dining table, I am coming” I rush out of the sitting room. I really wish Gbenga will just leave, how can I be uncomfortable in my own house? 

Soon I hear my dad's voice, he calls me and I go to meet him in the sitting room reluctantly. “Dad, welcome”

“Wura... How was your meeting today?” he asks, removing his coat. 

I look at Gbenga immediately then I answer my dad. “It was fine actually”

“Okay.. Good then" he sighs tiredly. 

“Go and take a shower, so we can eat” My mother tells him and he nods in reply before going upstairs. 

“So Gbenga tell us, how has life been so far?” Damola asks and my mother was also paying rapt attention. 

I groan in frustration, heading back to the kitchen. I can't wait for the night to be over. 

(To be continued)

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Dirty Secret


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