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Look At What A Doctor Did For His Patient After She Said Everybody Hates Her (VIDEO)

One of the most demanding profession in life is found in the Medical Field as these people do not only treat or take good care of their patients, they also try as much as possible to show them love and give them that assurance that in no distant time, they will be fine again and stand up to their feet. Doctors with Emotional Intelligence to me are one of the best people in this world as they know how to make their patients to be in the right state of mind which is needed for quick recovery.

In a recent video posted on Instagram by gossipboyz1, a Doctor has melted the hearts of many by his show of love to his patient who felt she was never loved my anyone. He said in writing that her patient was about to die and due to the fact that she has no family, no one has ever come to the hospital to visit her. He has been the one on the receiving end as he said she insults him whenever she remembers how she has been abandoned by those she once loved and care for.

The lady who was speaking at the background said everyone hates her, including her Doctor and that she had never been showed love since she was admitted at the hospital. The Doctor thought of a way to show to her that he truly loves her and he did the unusual thing on the day she was complaining which happens to be her birthday.

Speaking through write-ups on a cardboard paper, the Doctor said she stays in her room where she was admitted and that no one has ever come to visit her. While she was still talking, the Doctor had a good plan for her as he had already made an arrangement with someone so dare to his patient.

After displaying all the write-ups and ending with "Everyone deserves to be loved", he stood up from the bed and started singing a birthday song for her. While he was still singing, a lady who is so dare to his patient walked it with a candlestick cake in her hand and joined him to sing for her. On seeing her, the patient's heart was filled with joy and excitement as she gave her a hug to express how much she truly missed her.


The show of love by the Doctor got me so teary and despite her patient's attitude towards him, he still did not give up on her.

May God bless our Doctors for us. Like, share and drop a comment.

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