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How we get married in the olden days (chapter 1): Fiction

Chapter 1

Tayo the king is back from his trip, you need to get dressed on time for the festival, call your sister to get dressed too for the dance, you know all maidens are to dance for the king, mama Tayo said.

Mama I really need to ask something, you mean Omolade would dance for the king, hope the king is not looking for a new wife, Tayo asked.

Mama Tayo laughed and said, the king only need to relax after the trip so he needs maidens to entertain him, that just the reason behind the dance.

Okay okay, I really don't want to believe what have imagined Tayo said, what did you imagine mama Tayo asked, don't worry mama it nothing.

When Omolade comes back tell her to use the beads inside the calabash in my room, am going to the market to get foodstuff you know your daddy should be on his way, yes mama Tayo replied.

Tayo rushed down to the market to call Omolade, while searching for her in the market, he saw a guy with his sister very far away. He looked at them closely since he can't hear what they are saying already getting angry thinking the guy is a lover. The guy held his sister by the hand, he couldn't hold seeing them like that anymore, he picked up a plank from the ground so he could smash the guy.

He moved quickly so the guy wouldn't escape, just a little step to the guy he raised the plank about to smash him, then......

Thanks so much for reading, the next chapter would be released next week sunday.

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