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16 Funny Memes and Hilarious Replies about Ladies

It's a glorious week and memes have been strolling on the net. Memes are edited images that passes a message to its viewers either humourously or seriously. Below are funny memes and replies you would love. If you can't relate to anyone drop comments or read the words below it.

The first hilarious meme below shows the popular movies character used in a meme that when you see your girl smiling at her phone. It is obvious to most men that their property has been taken.Guys like to improve generally but the desire to become more arises when they see an opposite gender. The meme below shows the guy with different sports apparatus just because the lady said she loves sports.This funny meme below might not be clear initially. The aspect that makes it funny is if you read the word in it. The man is twenty one and he took him thirty years to build. Please has he been building before he was given birth to.

Just like the former meme. Check his name and see why he would have had a hard time.Students try to evade the teacher when they want to ask questions during lessons and that's what the meme above is about. Kindly follow for more updates. Also like article and state your views at the appropriate section.

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